Technology creates more problems than it solves, and may threaten or damage the quality of life. As an individual living in the era of rapid development of technology, I believe that technology facilitates peopleбпs life and creates more comfort in peopleбпs life.

The advancement of technology has remarkably improved the quality of life. In contemporary history, every appearance of a new technology has improved the social advancement, enhancing the quality of life. The invention of the car and the plane made it possible for people to travel far away from their home for vacation and business. The updated technology to cars and planes makes peopleбпs travel more comfortable and safe. People can take advantage of the big ship for a cruise and the ship provides people with the products of all over the world. The appearance of the electricity brought people to a completely new world. The domestic appliances help people economize time on homework so that people have more time for relaxation. The TV and Internet provide people the entertainment as well as the information. The people benefited a lot from the development in medicine. A lot of incurable diseases become no more deadly. The average of peopleбпs life now increases a lot than before.

The technology is also stimulant to the economic prosperity. Economic prosperity contributes to create more employment opportunity in job market. The increase in employment opportunity can help resolve the social problems, such as violence, drug, poverty, etc. These social problems are main factors undermining the quality of people’s life. The violence makes people worried about their safety. The poverty can only give people misery, never mind the quality of life. Only can a rich and developed society guarantee the quality of peoples’ life. It is impossible for us to expect a high quality of life in a poor society with low productivity and undeveloped technology.

Although the technology creates some problems threatening the quality of peoplesбп life, these problems will not be a threat any longer if we use the technology well. Meanwhile, I believe the threat or the damage will be overcome following the further technological development.


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