The struggle for liberty and independence during the period of American Revolution laid the foundation for the creation of the new great nation which world view and life principles was totally based upon Enlightenment thinkers.

American Revolution took place during the second half of the 18th century. The first thirteen colonies became the United Stated of America and received independence from Britain. The reason was not only the cruelty of British colonists, but the fact that ideas of development political state of Old world were incompatible with that of the New one.

Ideological basis of the war was mainly formed by the series of social and intellectual shifts that took place in American society at that period. New republic ideas appeared that were very interesting to the population of America. The role of democracy in government was broadly discusses all over America. The American society was shifting to republicanism and expending ideas of democracy. Republicanism was the motivating force for shaping the political ideology.

Republicanism refers to the governing ideology based upon rule of law, liberty and civic virtue. This played an important role in setting core American political values. The ideas of liberalism of Kohn Locke were also essential for political figures during the period of revolution.

The basic idea of the revolution was getting freedom for each citizen of the nation. This objective was achieved, but equally for all people. African Americans from the very begging were expecting to get freedom and equality after the independence, but their hopes were not realized. Even though American government was very promising regarding this issue, the war at the end brought only few changes for them. After the end of the Revolution, slavery was abolished in the North, but it greatly expended upon the South and the racial prejudice remained.

Patriots were the moving force of the Revolution.

For native people of America this war was not for getting independence and the expression of patriotism. They were most likely to remain neutral, but were forced to take sides. Their towns were usually first to attack and they were last, who benefited from this war.

When finally the Constitution appeared, the ideas of freedom, which were widely supported during the period of the Revolution, were transformed. It had a lack of declaration of rights. Even though freedom and democracy was proclaimed, slavery was still protected by the Constitution, although not called by the name for the benefit of the South.

There are a lot of different opinions regarding the real effect of the Revolution upon the country. From one side it was not revolutionary at all, as speaking globally it just changed the territorial placement of government-from distant to local one. But from the other side it was a unique that event that had deep impact upon further development of the country, as well as establishment of natural rights of people and the legislative system with laws chosen by them.

In the conclusion I would like to summarize that despite achieving set objectives and getting independence, question of freedom and equality remained open.


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