Are you afraid of the dark? Do weird noises in the night frighten you? Does a late night thunderstorm cause you to panic? At night, when it is storming, my room is confusing and scary.

The sights I see are of the most disturbing. A plush Big Bird follows all movements I make with its eyes. With a non-stop glare, it pierces me. A mound of dirty clothes accompanies this Big Bird. The pile of clothes appears to be a ghostly man. Its glare pierces sharper than the Big Bird’s. It feels much darker and evil. It seems that the pile of clothes could right over to me and squeeze the last breath out of my frightened body, leaving me lip without a pulse. Along with the sites of Big Bird and the pile of clothes is a ceiling fan. Instead of a normal cooling fan, this fan spins widely in attempts to get closer to my bed to fulfill its purpose of chopping me into bits. Starting from forty-eight inches and descending to thirty-six and thirty-six to twenty-four and so on, until the distance between my nose and the fan dwindles to millimeters.

The noises in my room intensify my fright. They send my mind through a route of confusion and madness. The noises frighten me and remind me that I am alone to fend for myself. Without the voices of familiar people, my fear seems to only worsen. The spinning of the wild ceiling fan generates a whopping notices that only reminds me of the date that may occur shortly. “Swoop, swoop, swoop,” it goes as it approaches my bed even closer. The crickets I hear confirm my solitude with the murderous objects in the dark. I feel like I am doomed to a terrible death. The eerie sounds from outside confuse me. It is pitch dark and raining, but I hear the bouncing of a basketball and the hammering of a nail. The normal daytime noises seem to have mistaken their time of intended occurrence. I wonder if this is the sign of someone coming to help or is it nothing more than a silly mockery of my confusion and fright. This confusion only fuels my fear.

I feel the short quick bursts of wind that blow through my window catching me off guard. It seems as if a storm my be brewing.


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