The problem of immigration is nowadays one of the most serious problems the contemporary American society is currently facing. Many specialists argue that the growing number of immigrants, especially illegal ones is dangerous for the future development of the national economy as well as for socio-political life of the whole country. In such a situation it is quite natural that American government is getting to be particularly concerned about the problem of immigration and initiated a legislative reform concerning immigration. The history of the US is a history of inflow of immigrants, embodied in Ellis Island, and the history of adverse reaction to the newcomers on the part of the current population. Many people in the United States think that the number of immigrants should be limited and the immigrations laws should be changed.

In my opinion, immigration laws should not be changed since they work well for the country and people’s unsatisfaction with the laws comes from general hostility toward the immigrants. This view in particular, is embraced in the article by Richard Rodriguez “Trouble is, native-born just don’t measure up – anti-immigrant politic” that focuses on the role immigration has played in the development of the US and approaches that should be taken in treating this phenomenon at the moment. The current policy of the US basically target well-qualified specialists from other countries of the world that could contribute consistently in the economic development of the country. Rodriguez believes that the reason behind the hostility of the current population is the fact that they do not ‘measure up’ to the newcomers’ level, as modern Americans are “never as bold, never as driven, as [their] grandparents” (Rodriguez 1994). Rodriguez accuses Puritans who came “fleeing intolerance” that they “ended up intolerant of other immigrants who came after” (Rodriguez 1994). According to the article, the roots of the problem are not with the laws, but rather in the society itself.

The major concern of the American citizens is that the immigrants who come to the country take the jobs from the native population. The actual situation is not exactly true – the major problem is with illegal immigration. The Immigration and Nationality Act limits the amount of working visas in order to protect the jobs of the Americans. It is obvious that the immigrant population increases the competition in the labour force market of the United States, which is good for the country as a whole. Illegal immigration, on the contrary, can become a major problem. Consequently, not the laws should be changed, but rather their execution as well borders control.

Another reason why the existing immigration laws should not be changed is simply because now is not a proper time for this when the country is facing the major economic crisis. Because of the recession, American government has more important and burning issues to deal with then immigration policies. The country desperately needs the reform of the health care system, taxation and money supply. All these should be taken care of as soon as possible. In other words, our nation has now higher priorities then immigration policies.

The existing immigration laws are not as bad as some people might think. They work pretty well and supply our economy with qualified work force, skilled employees and increase competition on the local labor market, which is always good for the employers and the company as a whole. There are some negative views on the current legislature. Some of them reflect dissatisfaction with the illegal immigration, which definitely should be taken care of by the country’s authorities.

Another negative attitude comes from those people who are not able to compete with better educated and skilled foreign employees. This problem as well should be solved within our society itself and not by the means of modifying the laws.


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