Walt Disney had many things to be admired for. He was a man who loved his family and work. Disney demanded the best from himself and everyone around him. It is hard to just talk about one thing that I admire most about Walt Disney because I respect everything that he did in his career, so I would have to say I admire his work ethic, determination, and loyalty to animation. I admire how he never looked past his dream to become an artist and he visions to what they could become. The one thing that would be on the top of my list is the he never fell into a routine making the same animation over again and again.

Walt had to overcome some obstacles before becoming one the most known people in the world. He had businesses fail, and people quit on him, but he never let down his guard. In episode 3 of “The Walt Disney Family Museum” they talk about how Walt’s first company, Laugh-O- Gram films was short lived, about a year. It would have been very easy to Disney to pick up another job and give up on his vision of animation. With barely enough money to feed himself and having to declare bankruptcy took what little money he had and bought a ticket to California to pursue his dream out there. Not being the most educated man with business he convinced his brother Roy to join him to take over the financial part of their new business. I think this was a very good thing for Walt to do; his imagination could be set free while Roy looked after the money end.

Walt always pushed his ideas, which is one of the reasons I find him to be a great man. He never fell into a routine and made a bunch of sequels to a movie. You don’t see any Cinderella part 2 or The Return of Pinocchio, and this is what made him such a great person to be making animation. Too many times people get fixed into doing the same scene.

Walt pushed his ideas, and being caught in some tough spots he didn’t have a choice. Oswald the Rabbit wasn’t his anymore, so he had about a day to think of another character to please his brother after losing the rabbit. As we all know now he came up with Mickey Mousse. This goes to show how much he is able to expand his imagination to other areas, and not be stuck on one concept. Promoting the new mousse took a creative idea of Walt’s to make him bigger than any other cartoon character, so he put sound in the cartoon. This is the first example of Walt Disney taking an idea and taking it to another level.


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