College Homework Help|Foreign Aid essay

Developing countries or under-developed countries seek for internetional help for the economic growth of their countries. The aid that is provided by the developed countries could be in monetory terms or some other kind, this is referred to as foreign aid.

First of all the developing countries who are provided with aid do not have any idea about their economic status. Thy do not have any resources to find out exactly how much aid they need to provide a firm struture for their country to build upon.When they seek for aid they do can not plan when and how they are going to return it.

The biggest disadvantage of foreign aid is the ever increasing debt through interest. When a country recieves foreign aid for the first time, then is the beginning of a series of foreign aid to come as the country gets more and more dependant on international help. Pakistan when first recieved foreign aid the amoount could not have been more than one billion dollars and now we are in a debt od more than 30 billion dollars. This occurred as our conutry got more dependant on foreign aid.

Foriegn aid can be extremely useful if used properly but the developing countries to whom this aid is given usually have corrupt governments. The aid which is for the establishment of the country usually goes into the ministers bank accounts and is used for establishing themselves. We have heard so many cases in Pakistan in the last ten to fifteen years about the dishonesty of our politicians.


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