The weather including the temperature, climate, humidity etc. are very important factors in our lives, they can a make a person’s day either bright and cheerful or sad and gloomy. Various amounts of people have different reactions towards temperature changes. Most people go through unpleasant reactions, for example: colds, fevers and infections. We can describe the temperature of an object as that which determines the sensation of warmth or coldness felt from contact with it. Temperature is very unsteady, one minute during the day it is a certain degree and the next minute its another.

I personally have very different types of responses to changing temperatures. My mood is greatly based on the weather outdoors. Indoor temperatures don’t disturb me for some odd reason, I can adjust to them very easily but outdoor temperatures can have a major affect on me. In my opinion I feel that majority of the people dislike extremely hot or cold temperatures, for example during the summer time when it’s one hundred degrees outdoors, or during the winter when it’s zero degrees. I usually respond to average day temperature changes, season temperature changes and traveling from one climate to another temperature changes as well. I can provide a couple of examples that can prove I have different responses to changes in temperature. During the summer I visited many places including Florida, Canada and India. My trip to Florida was not that fascinating to me, because of the weather change. I visited Florida in the beginning of my summer vacation, which is in June, at that time my body was not used to the extreme heat waves, which made me feel very dizzy and weak. I couldn’t stand the burning sun and high temperature ranges. My visit to Canada was magnificent, I had loads of fun, and there wasn’t much of a difference in their weather from ours. My trip to Canada was during my mid summer vacation which is in July, my body had already adjusted to the hot weather, that’s why it didn’t have any affect on me. Last but not least my journey to India, which I took during the end of the summer season. Even though I traveled to this extremely hot climate in august, my journey was horrible. India has disgusting weather during the months of the summer season. This trip wasn’t a vacation for me it was like being in hell. I was sick and in bed more than half the time I spent in that country. Moreover I made many trips to the doctor, which isn’t a very pleasant thing to do when you’re on vacation. The moment I stepped into the Indian airport, I felt the extremely bad heat waves that I didn’t feel for years, since the last time I visited my country was 6 years ago. These examples prove I have different responses to temperature changes when I travel from one climate to another. Season temperature changes also have an affect on my body. Every year I tend to get sick during season changes, either when were entering into the winter season or if were approaching the spring season. I usually get sore throats, coughing, fever and very rarely ear infections. Most of the time they are minor problems which resolve on there own as days pass by and my body starts adapting to the new temperatures. Average day temperature changes can affect my mood, usually rainy and cloudy days are very depressing for me and sunny and cool days make me feel happy and energetic. Overall physically and mentally Mother Nature affects me.


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