This statement should convey your interest in the field and be three to four pages long, typed and double-spaced. Care should be taken to submit a clear, concise and well‐written essay. Writing is a core competency for the Mater of Communication Management and the statement of purpose should reflect this. The statement should address the following questions:
1. How will a degree in Communication Management enhance your professional development? What skill sets are you looking to develop through your graduate studies?
2. Which area of focus in Communication Management (e.g., marketing communication, media & entertainment management, organizational and strategic corporate communication etc.) interests you more, and why? [Marketing Communication interests me the most]
3. How have your internships or professional work experiences influenced your decision to pursue a graduate degree in Communication Management at USC Annenberg?[ I work at my mon’s advertisement company for a short time]
4. What will you contribute to the Master of Communication Management program?

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