Community Health Nurse Interview

Pretend that you are interviewing a registered nurse who works within the hospital setting. Prepare your questions according to the assignment and grading rubric criteria shown below.

Create an INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT SUMMARY (no more than twelve [12] pages, double spaced, Times New Roman font, 12-point font) for this assignment

Please include the following in the summary:
Develop five to ten (5-10) tailored questions based on the setting selected for the interview.
Describe the environment / setting where the community / public health nurse works.
Describe the community / public health nurse’s role and the resources available to support the nurse in his/her role.
Describe the initiatives that the nurse is working on and explain whether they are population-based or individualized. Explain how they align or do not align with Healthy People 2020.
Describe the health promotion elements of the nurse’s role.
Discuss how the nurse uses interdisciplinary collaboration to support his/her role. Identify the interdisciplinary team members who are involved in promoting the community health initiatives within this setting.

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