Complementary and alternative health paper # 2

Week 6: Paper #2  Due

“Every serious illness is a spiritual crisis because it is a confrontation with one’s own mortality. Every nurse, regardless of personal belief, must recognize that religion or spirituality or both are often an essential part of the lives of those entrusted to her or his care. To avoid these issues is to fail to truly be a nurse healer because the nurse’s task is to address the physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of clients.” (Fontaine, 2019).

Your assignment is to:

· Write a 3-4 page paper discussing how nurses can incorporate faith and prayer in the care of clients, regardless of your own personal religious beliefs and worldviews.

· Please use at least 4 references written within the last 5 years and submit the work in APA format.

· Please refer to your book and use it as one of your references.

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