Assignment Requirements

I have attached the instructions.

Assignment 2—Completing the Research Project, Chapters 1-5

Chapter 4: Results

In Chapter 4, you must compare pretest and posttest data in your project. First, discuss how you

administered tests or used other procedures to obtain the data. Then include each bulleted item from

the expected outcomes generated in NGTE 700. Under each, tell whether you met or failed to meet the

outcome. Present scores to indicate whether you accomplished desirable change in the problem.

Interpret your scores, explaining the overall extent to which you succeeded or failed to achieve your

projected outcomes and why. You should not consider your project a failure if you did not achieve all

or many of your objectives, and your course grade is not connected to outcomes. Your goal all along

has been to learn and to gain experience with the applied research process, achieving if possible

improvement in a problem in your work setting.

Chapter 5: Recommendations

Chapter 5 comprises three tasks. First, explain how your project could be used in the future in your

work setting or beyond. Be sure to include any outcomes that might be added to address more

thoroughly the problem that you identified. Second, reflect on the implementation. Explain what went

well and should be emphasized if the project is replicated. Explain pitfalls that one should avoid.

Finally, discuss any other changes that would facilitate such a project or that would yield greater

improvement in the problem.

Now combine Chapters 1, 2, and 3 with Chapters 4 and 5. Submit them in one complete

document with a title page and table of contents, the References section, and any appendices that

you have. You may include an acknowledgments page, but that is optional.

I have attached my original paper from NGTE700
I have attached an example paper so you can see exactly how the paper should be written.
I have attached this week’s lecture.
I did not put a specific number for references because my original paper already have references and that can’t change.
I have attached my first assignment which is chapters 1-3 for you to view. Assignment 2 will be chapters 4 and 5.
If you have any questions please call or e-mail me. Thank-you

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