Please complete the Lab #7 Exercises from your Student Lab Manual. Because we can complete these labs on any machine; You may skip steps 1-4 of the Lab Exercises as they deal with setup actions for your environment if you were using the publisher’ lab environment.

For Step 5, you may choose your own Industry Vertical to work from. These Choices are also listed in the Student Lab Manual:
a. Healthcare provider under HIPPA compliance law
b. Regional bank under GLBA compliance law
c. Nationwide retailer under PCI DSS standard requirements
d. Higher-education institution under FERPA compliance law

Then continue with Steps 6-11 in the Lab and complete the Deliverables as assigned below.

Upon completion of Lab #7 – Perform a Business Impact Analysis for a Mock IT Infrastructure, students
are required to provide the following deliverables as part of this lab:

Do Complete:
1. Lab #7 – Assessment Worksheet, Part A – BIA of business functions and operations
2. Lab #7 – Assessment Worksheet, Part B – Business Impact Analysis Executive Summary

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