Ethics and Code of Conduct:

The students enrolled in this course are aware that the hardware, software, tools, and applications presented and used are for instructional and education purposes only. The students enrolled in this course are required to conform to University code of conduct and policies. This lab asks you to perform search queries on publicly accessible data only.


Learning Objectives and Outcomes:
Upon completing this lab, students will be able to perform the following tasks:
– Perform live data gathering and footprinting of a targeted organization and its website
– Gather valuable public domain information of the targeted organization and its website
– Assess what information is available publicly and what information should not be in the public domain for that organization
– Perform Google hacking research to identify known user logons and other website vulnerabilities


As explained in your textbook, discussed and demonstrated in class:

– Visit the targeted organization’s website and conduct reconnaissance data gathering
– Visit the targeted organization’s e-commerce website
– Perform Google hacking research
– Capture traceroute and nslookup footprinting data
– Capture public domain information using IANA Whois
– Useful information may include: physical locations, phone numbers, name of employees, current events
– Perform DNS enumeration on the targeted organization and e-commerce domain
– Capture data for known Web servers, email servers and possible development environments


– Data Gathering and Footprinting Research report which includes:
• Description of the targeted website/organization
• IANA Whois
• ARIN Whois
• Traceroute
• Nslookup
• Servers identified
• Google hacking research data found
• Security countermeasures identified
• Assessment of available public domain information
• Recommendations you would make to the targeted organization

Part-2: provides a listing of ports that are being scanned across a variety of networks and systems.
This lab requires you to list the top three ports of two different categories—top port category and rising port category—and explain why these ports are the top ports. For example:
Port 443: This is the secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) port, and scanning of this may indicate vulnerability in secure Web services.

You may search Web sites such as, or other listings of common services for unfamiliar ports.

Complete the following steps for this assignment:

1. Visit the Web site’s reports page at
2. Review the Top 10 Ports chart on the page.
3. Select the top three ports from the By Targets category.
4. Scroll down and click on Trends button that takes you to another screen.
5. Review the chart displaying Top 10 Rising Ports and select the top three rising ports.
6. List the six ports you selected and explain what services are commonly associated with these ports and the reasons for them being the top most ports in each category.


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In this project, you will realize that you really need to invest in a new computer to complete course assignments for the school’s use. You will create a worksheet, use the PMT function, and format a worksheet to show a comparison of two electronic computers that you are interested in purchasing. You will make a comparison of the two items and determine which one is feasible to purchase.

The Excel PMT function is used to calculate the payment for a loan based on constant payments and a constant interest rate.

To complete this assignment, perform the following tasks:

Start a new blank worksheet. Open the Excel workbook and save the worksheet as “FirstInital_LastName_ChartsIPA03.xlsx.”
Click in cell A1 and type the title, “School Computer Purchase Analysis.”
Data has been provided for you to generate a payment for each of the two products to help determine which product is feasible for you to purchase for school purposes. Click here to access the data.
The loan parameters have been entered into the worksheet, and you are ready to work with the PMT function. Click in cells B8 and E8 to calculate the amount to finance.
Save the workbook as “FirstInitial_LastName_Purchase_solution.”
Click in cells B10 and B11 to produce a formula using the PMT function.
Hint: Click Insert function and select PMT for payment.
Merge and center the titles in Cells A1:E1. Format your worksheet by including color as well as providing an appropriate clip art to accent the document.
Click in cell A27 and enter your name and use the Today function in cell A28.
Click in cell A18 and use a formula to show the comparison in the two monthly payments, and describe which payment would be more feasible for a new college student to afford.
Indent the content in cells A9:A14 and show the Payment amount in font size 14.
Indent the content in cells D9:D14 and show the Payment amount in font size 14.
Save the School Computer Purchase Analysis spreadsheet. Submit the School Computer Purchase Analysis spreadsheet.

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Part 5: Project Quality Management
In many projects when scope, time or cost increases are faced, quality is frequently one of the items chosen to compensate for those increases, either in the components or the design. It is usually poor judgment to sacrifice quality for scope, time or cost and usually demonstrates a lack of proper planning and/or management on the part of the project manager. Regardless of the above, quality should be a major factor in any project and regular review and regular evaluation is necessary to ensure that quality standards are met in the project. This project is designed to optimize human resource functions involving hiring, assignment, benefits, etc., to improve the company’s successful accomplishment of assigned projects.
1. Develop a list of quality standards or requirements related to meeting stakeholder expectations described in the parts above and provide a brief description of each requirement. For example, the requirement might be that 80% of all projects are completed on time and on cost.
2. Based on the list created in Task 1, determine how you will measure progress on meeting the requirements. It should be possible to determine which projects were completed and met their time and cost goals and those which didn’t. You should also be able to determine which project managers were the most successful and which teams were the most and least successful. Remember when reviewing the success rate of the project managers and teams that scope changes ordered by higher management can significantly affect the success of a project if the time and cost criteria are not changed. Once the success parameters are established, you can analyze the effectiveness of your system to determine how the system assigned the individuals to the projects. This data provides criteria that can be used to assign individuals to teams in the future.
3. After analyzing ordering data, you decide to create a Pareto chart to see what teams are most successful. Create a spreadsheet in Excel using the data in the following table.

Team Success Rate
1 47%
2 96%
3 62%
4 82%
5 57%
6 84%
7 72%
8 81%
9 76%

4. Submit all products and your MSProject file (if appropriate) to the Module Dropbox in LearningStudio by the assigned date.

note: it is important to use MS project

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Identify a need where technology can help (school, work, hobby, etc.).
Go shopping (online) – don’t buy anything, you’re just looking around!
Add hardware and software to the shopping cart that you feel will meet the need(s) you have identified.
Describe, in your own words, why you believe the hardware and software in your shopping cart will meet your need(s).
You should address why the processor, primary storage (RAM / Memory), secondary storage (e.g., hard drive, optical drive, flash memory, etc.) and video (or other output devices) will meet the need(s) identified.
Describe why you selected the apps/application/software, along with any other deciding factor (e.g., input devices, size, weight, etc.).
In summary, your paper is to have three sections:
Section 1: A paragraph stating your need(s).
Section 2: A copy of your shopping cart (don’t worry about formatting, I should be able to decipher it).
Section 3: In your words, state why you believe the hardware and software you have chosen in section (2) will meet the needs you identified in section (1). Be sure to include any additional factors you included as part of your decision (e.g., input devices, size, weight, etc.).

Websites that can help in this assignment:
Dell and Apple provide discounts to faculty, students and staff. Here is a link to ISU’s Purchasing Computer Pricing page.
You may choose “personal purchases” from either Apple or Dell or choose any other vendor/manufacturer (from this site or any other of your choosing).
The following are some links that should be helpful when choosing a processor, memory, hard drive, video, and optical drives (regardless of manufacturer). Most any manufacturer website should have a “help me choose” or similar link for each of the configurable items. You should be matching your choice on any configurable item to your needs. Be sure to look at the “recommendation” links on the following sites or on any “help me choose” link.
Hard Drive:
SSD Hard Drives (Crucial Technology):
SSD Hard Drives (Intel):
How much storage capacity do I need?
How many photos (from SanDisk)
How many videos (from SanDisk)

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