“In the scope of higher learning, conflicts, as well as the efforts to resolve them are not a new phenomenon. According to the article the nature in which an interpersonal conflict posses makes it hard for it to be resolved or easy. In contrast to the corporate settings, the academic settings have so many hurdles which get in the way of resolving conflicts effectively. Things such as the faculty unionization provide an unhealthy atmosphere for any conflict to be done with in a legitimate manner. Some complaints made by the students may signify lack of knowledge as far as to where they stand in relation to the academic activities is concerned. Sensitivity in solving conflict is so vital. It may result to skewed outcomes as a result of the lower response rate, privacy issues, as well as the acceptable answers. The way in which a certain conflict affects one’s personality determines the tactic in which he or she adopts in solving a conflict.

Two dimensions mainly, the willingness to take into consideration the interest of the others in a conflict (cooperativeness) and the tendency to favor more one’s interest in the conflict (assertiveness) are the predefined approaches in the theory of handling the major conflicts. There are five possible strategies which are useful on handling the conflicts (Stevens, Wiliamson & Tiger, 2001). They includes avoidance ( the head in sand way of dealing with conflicts), competing (where force is applied on the other party so as to make her or him accept resolving of their conflict), accommodation, ( making a sacrifice where one agrees to lose for the purpose of benefiting the other party), compromise, (this is a situation where the two parties in a conflict, they acquire equal benefits and loss), and lastly collaboration, (this comprise of a win- win situation for the two parties where they both gain in the process of resolving their differences)…”


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