You are to consider a project and prepare a report assessing its management. This should be a personal one or one drawn from your work experience. Your report should focus on the effectiveness of the planning as well as the implementation activities. The management of project resources and budgets should be considered and the risks discussed. Applications of the techniques discussed in class and covered by the textbook are strongly encouraged, and speculative or indicative data is permitted. Your assignment should illustrate the application of techniques in areas such as:

1. Project Selection and Evaluation Methods
2. Work Breakdown Structures,
3. Planning techniques such as Gantt Charts or the Critical Path Method,
4. Workload and Cost Estimation methods,
5. Budgeting and Financial Control,
6. Risk Assessment and Management, and
7. Resource Management

Given the wide variety of projects that may be found, and the unlikelihood that any particular one might have sufficient data for all these techniques to be shown, but as many should be used as possible.

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