Contemporary Journalism Practice- Sport Journalism

Contemporary Journalism Practice- Sport Journalism


Title: Contemporary Journalism Practice Sport Journalism
Length: 7 pages (2100 Words)
Style: APA



The world of sports is changing so fast as technology advances. The heart of sport journalism faces a great paradox. One belief categorizes online sport journalism as curse while another as blessing in disguise. Generally speaking, sport journalism has over the years been characterized by the mainstream media as a deliberate ‘soft’ journalism practice with the lack of credibility and rigor of other what’s defined as ‘hard’ journalism. The assumption that sport journalism is ‘soft’ journalism has led to the slow progress and growth within the sector and therefore makes it impossible for the sport journalists to realize their ultimate potential within the industry. Furthermore, the sport journalism was an area of journalism, for many years, that was viewed by the cultural society to be the uncritical booster of the series of sports that calls for powerful in sport to do the accounting process. Sport journalism was also characterized by the tendency of asking the banal and easy question as opposed to the penetrating to deeper and pertinent information which are suitable to the diverse audience. Paradoxically, sport journalism was and has always been commercially important in regard to the print or the digital industry. In simple terms, sport journalism has always attracted heavy revenues to the media house. While other academics and the journalists have been decrying the lax journalist’s standards which are mostly argued to be ‘back of the book’ the sport journalists ability to make consistent deliveries to readers, especially the middle-aged sport fans that trigger the integral and the crucial bigger picture of the commercial newspapers among many media houses.

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