Country Analysis and Foreign Market Entry Choice

Country Analysis and Foreign Market Entry Choice


            In the near future, the pet care industry in India is expected to continue registering high growth. Several factors such as benefits of pets’ foods, higher awareness of dietary needs of pets and rising disposable income are attributed to this growth. More consumers in India are increasingly finding the need to have pets for companionship and are spending more on their welfare. The realization of the benefits of prepared foods is drawing a sharp shift from non-prepared foods. As the owners of the pets become more interested in improving their pets’ health and giving them comfort, growth within the pets’ products such as dietary and supplements and grooming products is expected take place (Ramesh, 2008).

Provision of pet care products in India is dominated by multinational companies. In 2010, Mars International India Pvt Ltd was the leading player, followed by Royal Canin India Pvt Ltd and Provimi Animal Nutrition India Pvt. Strengthening of multinationals and consolidation of pets’ care products resulted from a number of acquisitions that took place in 2009. It is worth noting that multinational companies gained a lot of mileage from loyalty and brand awareness. In addition to that, availability of resources for education and marketing as well as production of quality products also gave these companies a competitive edge. In 2010 and 2011, international brands like Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc joined the Indian pet food industry. These manufacturers have benefited from a growing demand for pet products in urban areas, and hence they continue offering different wellness and health products for pets in India

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