“Case 1

“Big Shot’s Funeral” is a reflective movie on Feng Xiaogang’s spectacle power and perception on advertising and reality. The subject matter in this movie involves funeral plan of a living person. Movie shooting took place in Beijing. Tyler and Yoyo become close friends after meeting in a movie shoot out in Beijing. However, Tyler is not at peace and seems preoccupied with his own thoughts of mortality which leads to him asking Yoyo to tell him more about their traditional funeral arrangement. However, Tyler finds it funny and thinks that Yoyo could be talking about a comedy funeral. After falling ill, Tyler asks Yoyo to prepare for him a similar memorial arrangement as the one he narrated to him. Yoyo agrees to Tyler’s demands but is not sure of how to proceed with the plan. This makes him seek help from Louis King who is an event promoter. However, the funeral arrangement is disrupted due to lack of funds. King decides to rebirth Tyler as a black boy to get financial support from the donors. Afterwards, they manage to get dozens of corporations all over the world vying for chance to score a space for advertising Tyler’s funeral on the television. The funeral ends up resembling chock-full and carnival products with Taylor’s body covered all over with ads. After everything turns out well as planned, it seems as if Tyler is no longer going to die. As a result, the efforts and sacrifices have gone to waste. I see Feng Xiaogang’s own position on commercialism as critical. This is based on how the large numbers of corporate groups turn up and are ready to preserve a space for someone who is not even dead. It seems that they were much concerned about the financial gain in the entire project…”

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