“A fairy tale may be a story about places that do not exist (Edinger, 2001). Cinderella is an archetypal name that describes an individual who has unrecognized aspects or features. It may also represent people who get unexpected achievements and success after they long periods of suffering, obscurity and rejection Davidson, Carber and International Baccalaureate, 2009). Cinderella is a Grimm’s Fairy Tale that talks about a young, polite woman who lives in harsh conditions (Grimm, Wilhelm and Hunt, 2009). The analysis of Cinderella reveals how modern songs relate to the story.

Cinderella once lived with her biological parents, but her mother died. Her father remarried a mean woman who came along with her two daughters. Cinderella’s father died after a short while, and she had to live with her cruel stepmother. The king of a town, which was close to Cinderella’s, urged his son to marry a woman who would bear grandchildren. The king invited suitable maidens to a dress ball at his palace, so his son had to choose one woman (Piumini and Ligi, 2010). Cinderella’s stepmother tore her dress to prevent her from going to the ball, but her godmother provided another one. She had to leave the ballroom by midnight to avoid embarrassments. The prince chose her as his wife and requested her to dance with him. At midnight, Cinderella ran away. Cinderella by Britney Spears would fit this part, and Cinderella would be the one to sing the song. The prince would sing the song Cinderella Stay Awhile by Michael Jackson to request her not to leave. The prince sent the Grand Duke to look for Cinderella, so he would sing Its Midnight Cinderella by Garth Brooks to make her go back to the prince. The Grand Duke would finally sing Cinderella by Lionel Richie after he finds Cinderella.

Cinderella is a fairy tale that is common to most nursery children. It explains how unfortunate people can become recognized. Some musicians use fairy tales to assist listens to understand their songs…”


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