Act as an analyst in a boutique Strategic Management Consultancy. As a part of an internal high-profile project, you are tasked to provide a critical analysis with a strategic insight for the Colgate Palmolive company, assessing how the company develops strategies to mitigate risks and explore how they can enhance an effectiveness in strategic, analysis, planning and control in both long and short term. The aim of your analysis is to assess the financial dimension of Colgate-Palmolive’s strategy in the last 2 years.
1) Obtain Financial information from Colgate-Palmolive and provide a map with the key internal and external users of its financial information.
2) Critically evaluate the difference between the two groups and explain how these groups use the company’s financial information.
3) Critically evaluate any international financial reporting issues that the company may have and explain why.
4) Select any 4 financial ratios, explain why you chose them and assess the company’s financial performance.
5) Choose 1 of: Horizontal, Vertical, trend analysis to assess the company’s position and explain why you chose the particular analysis.
6) Critically evaluate the financial risks of the company at an international context and comment on its corporate governance structure.
7) Put forward recommendation of actions/strategic insight, following the assessment of the financial dimension of C&P’s strategy.

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