Cultural competence training video with patient and provider’s perspectives Custom Essay

Power point slides(chapter 1 & 2) are attached Link to video: Grading Criteria: Thoroughly answered the question(s): A thorough answer will consist of complete sentences, and will address the question while drawing from the text or other credible source. Correct APA formatted references: Please use your text (when it applies to a discussion) or any other credible reference to support your answers, and be sure to cite your sources correctly, following APA guidelines. Spelling/Grammar/Punctuation at the College Level. Directions: After reviewing the Cultural competence training video with patient and provider’s perspectives and reading Chapters 1-2, Answer the following question(s): 1) Cultural competence and diversity are often considered to have the same meaning in healthcare facilities. What is the difference between these two terms and their applicability in terms of healthcare professionals in various healthcare settings? 2) Explain the unique circumstances under which the ancestors of most Black/African American people arrived in the Americas. Why is it important for health service professionals to understand this history? 3) Is Hispanic a racial or ethnic category? Explain. How might this impact the status of the African/Black group, for example, in terms of whether it is the largest or second largest minority group? 4) List the racial categories based on the OMB classification in the United States. Explain the geographic origins of the people designated for each of the categories. Why is it important for health professionals to understand cultural differences among and between groups? A minimum of two references is required to support your response to the discussion questions. Only 1 can be the textbook. Make sure your references are in APA format.


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