The chief technology officer (CTO) has indicated that your  organization has been requested by the National Security Council (NSC)  to comment on the upcoming National Cybersecurity Strategy. The NSC has  asked for specific recommendations as it relates to the next  cybersecurity strategy, private/public partnerships, and comments on how  specific technologies should be incorporated into the assessment.
The CTO has asked you to collaborate with your team to provide the organizational input.
You will be collaborating with your previously assigned team on this  assignment. It is up to the team members to decide how they will plan,  meet, discuss, and complete the six sections of the paper. Remember, if a  member fails to complete his or her part of the work, the team is still  responsible for all sections. You will also complete a peer review for  yourself and for each member of the team. The peer feedback will be  incorporated into each team member’s assignment grade.
As a group, use the Cybersecurity Strategy, Law, and Policy Team Assignment Template to write your paper, which should cover the following topics:
Part 1: National Security Strategy and Cybersecurity

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