When it comes to argumentative writing tasks, there is more than meets the eye. For your information, argumentative research paper topics demand you as a writer to take a stance on an issue. You should either advocate for or against an issue. This means that you have to be very clear on your stance as well as the information that you use to support your stance. Getting argument research paper topics right means that you have to be very resourceful, as well as being very observant on some issues.


In any argumentative research paper topics for college students, a thesis statement should not be in a query form, nor should it be a statement of facts. On the contrary, if you want your thesis statement to hold some water, it should be an articulation of a position on an issue. You should state where you stand. In so far as argumentative research paper topic ideas are concerned. Your thesis statement sets the stage for your target audience.


As you all might know, there are various areas from which one can derive topics for argumentative research papers. If you are a keen follower of what is reported in the media, both print and broadcast, then you stand a better chance of getting a topic or two. Reading books as well as journals also portend to nourish you with topics for an argumentative research paper. Remember that you have to be very resourceful on the kind of topic that you choose. It must be interesting to you and should not present chances of complexity.


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Back to the topic issue and we understand that nowadays Google is the in thing, so to speak. It is a very possible avenue to get ideas but at times, one might wander through and settle for nothing. This means that you should seek help with us. Consider the following suggestions for research paper topics for college students argument.


  1. Drivers should not be allowed to take phones while driving
  2. The military requirement guidelines should not be lowered to allow female recruits to join military
  3. Birth control pill is not as safe as the medics have made us believe and should be scrapped off the market
  4. There should be no drug tests at work places because it infringes on privacy rights
  5. Gay marriages should be legalized throughout the country
  6. Inmates on death row ought to be used for medical testing rather than using animals
  7. Divorcing couples should first go through counseling before being grated their divorce

The college argumentative research paper topics suggested above can help you set the stage for argumentative kind of writing.

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