Democracy (incorporated with Aristotle’s, Jefferson’s and Machiavelli’s ideas)

Define democracy using the rhetoric of Aristotle and the rhetoric of the Founding Fathers include Machiavelli and Jefferson and any other writers you want from

Democracy or Government. (3-5) pages with works cited page
Incorporate the writers into the thesis you constructed for the democracy paper. Aristotle, Machiavelli, Our Founding Fathers.
You are building an argument over time that uses the readings and your own analysis to make a case for how our form of government evolved.

In a sense, yes , it is a whole other essay, but you have a foundation in the invention draft for how this evolution began, so use the examples you wrote in the

preliminary draft to write the revised draft. Use the IDEAS to explain how you see the experiment in representative government working and/or not working.

Additional comment to me by my instructor about my preliminary draft essay: You are certainly an intelligent capable person with definite views but your sentences

indicate ESL issues. I don’t mean to be insulting but you need help to keep up in this class . It’s not that you don’t understand the ideas but your expression of your

views needs assistance. You are making good observations but borrowing too much of the wording from the prompts and from the readings. The paraphrases are almost

verbatim, even if you do parenthetically cite the pages. As far as this paper there are too many questions and not enough definitive statements. I would suggest that

you go to the ESL department at Saddleback. I believe that the information is in the syllabus and if it isn’t I can get it for you.

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