Select a conversation where you had a disagreement that had an impact on you and triggered a bioreaction. The conversation could have been a long time ago or recently.
A. Explain what happened during the disagreement by answering the following questions:
• Describe the situation that led to the conversation.
• When did you realize that there was a disagreement during the conversation?
• Describe a bioreaction(s) that was experienced during the disagreement.
• How did the conversation end?
B. Analyze the conversation by answering the following questions:
• Using the four levels of the conversation meter, what level were you listening at, and what level was the other person listening at?
• Give examples of two factors that describe how you and they were listening in at these levels in the conversation meter: feelings, behaviors, language, or tone.
• What were your points of alignment or disagreement?
C. Reflect on how the conversation encouraged you to listen differently by answering the following questions:
• How could you have listened differently moving up the conversation meter, and what effect would that have had on the disagreement?
• How could you incorporate listening for needs, purpose, or concern to create value in the conversation (including describing what that would look like)?
• What have you learned about accuracy and authenticity that could be used to improve the conversation?
D. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.

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