Select a company (Apple) with which you are familiar, preferably one where you have been employed, and consider a process within Apple that could be improved. This could be a business process, a manufacturing process, a distribution process, or a service process that you have observed or been involved with during your career.
Your paper should
1. Describe Apple and how the selected process fits into the overall framework of the company.
2. Create a step-by-step description of the current process incorporating a process flow chart.
3. Analyze the current process for inefficiencies.
4. Develop a process improvement recommendation including a detailed plan incorporating business process engineering theory and including benchmarking the reengineered process to a close business competitor. The process should be designed to be more efficient, using appropriate tools and methods learned throughout the course, including capacity utilization improvements and statistical quality control models.
5. Explain possible challenges in implementing the process changes.
6. Assess the expected benefits of the improved process and the potential benefits.

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