Keep in mind this professor watches the format closely so the APA format and citations have to be perfect. I have included a direct link to the textbook (CHAPTER 8) is the chapter that needs to be referenced per the instructions below. Thank you
Case study 6 pg 190 Mid East Metals
Please read the case study in your book and reference the below directions for completion. (I have attached the Case study page from the textbook)
800 Words minimum.
Each individual student will prepare a three page typewritten analysis of the “Case” provided in your syllabus for each chapter. The analysis should be in summary form.
1. Summarize and identify the key point or problem presented in the Case.
2. Type and answer the questions posed at the end of the Case.
3. Describe at minimum five principles from the associated chapter (chapter covered for the week) that can be applied to the case. Please make sure you bold the principles/terms.
4. Try to relate some important concepts to your own experience. Give examples from your own experience that either reinforce or go against the case.
5. How can a Marketing supervisor use and apply what you learned from the case.
6. TIP: The more you can integrate course concepts from the text and from your own experiences, the better the grade is likely to be!

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