Your term paper must be a minimum of 5 pages.
Two additional pages are an American Psychological Association (APA) formatted title page and a reference page with APA formatted citations. Again, the title page and the reference page are not included in the minimum 5-page requirement. See the APA Formatting Resources Lessons Folder to learn more about the guidleines.
The references must be cited within the text in APA format. Each within-text citation must appear in your reference list AND each citation in the reference list must be cited in your paper.
Avoid plagiarizing by citing paraphrased, summarized, or quoted content. More information can be found by visiting Purdue Owl’s Writing APA Writing Center. Be sure to select the 7th edition guidelines.
Also, see “When you don’t have to cite sources”
Widely or commonly known information does not have to be cited.
The title page should contain the title of the paper, the student’s name, and the institutional affiliation. Also include the CRN number and name, instructor name, and assignment due date. All title page information must be double-spaced and centered in the middle of the page. See the image of an example title page below.
The pages must be numbered, and the page numbers must be located in the top right corner.
A minimum of six scholarly sources must be included to support the information provided in your Paper.
Your paper must be typed in 12-point font in the color Black only.
The acceptable fonts are Arial, Calibri, and Times New Roman.
Turn It In score must be 25 or lower. However, each paper will be examined individually if the score is over 25 to determine if the score can be reduced by correcting for the title page and reference page.
Create a Paper on Teratogens: Choose a minimum of 3 Teratogens for each of the four classes of teratogens shown below:
Physical agents like radiation or hyperthermia
Metabolic conditions
Drugs and chemicals
Include the following information about each teratogen:
Explain or define each of the teratogens.
Describe how each teratogen could impact the developing embryo or fetus development problems.
Describe what and how the possible cognitive impairments, physical impairments or deformities, and social/behavior problems could affect the child from infancy through childhood and/or adolescence and adulthood.
Create a Paper on Attachment Theory: Include the following information in your paper:
What is Attachment theory?
What is the Strange Situation procedure? Include the four interaction behaviors that are scored.
Describe the four patterns of infant-parent attachment.
What is parental synchronicity and how does synchronicity affect parent-infant relations? See how synchronicity is demonstrated in the following video: Interactional Synchony
What are two possible long-term consequences of attachment quality in adolescence and adulthood?
What does the research suggest about the impact of the stress of extreme or chronic poverty on attachment?
Create a paper on Aging in Middle Adulthood and/or Late Adulthood: Include the following information in your paper:
Describe (not list) common changes in health (3 changes), sensory functions (3 changes), and cognitive and memory (3 changes) of adults in middle adulthood or late adulthood.
Describe at least three ways that older adults can promote their health while aging.
Describe at least two psychosocial developmental theories that explain the changes in middle or late adulthood. Be sure to describe the changes that adults face during middle or late adulthood according to these theories.

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