Module 6 Assignment: Implementation
Each week you will be working on a portion of the Final Paper that will be compiled and submitted at the end of Module 8. The instructions for the Module 6 portion of the assignment are included below.
Instructions for this Assignment
Describe your intervention activities and how they will be implemented, including a timeline for the intervention activities and the administrative tasks necessary to implement the program plan.
Include a logic model for the overall program, which includes elements for each of the intervention strategies.
Describe how you will assess program implementation. Identify indicators related to your process objectives and identify the data sources for these indicators. Identify the data sources for these indicators. Describe how and when you will access and collect the secondary data.
Describe how you will incorporate the results of the process evaluation into ongoing program activities and program revisions.
Submission Format
Your paper should be formatted and referenced according to APA 6th edition.
File Submissions: Please submit your files as a Microsoft Word document (DOCX).

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