In this assignment, you need to review the Tesla, Inc. case study. The case study
describes the rise of Tesla Motors, an electric vehicle company founded in 2004 by
electric inventor Martin Eberhard and South African innovator, Elon Musk. The case
details the motivation of the two men, their personalities, and the conflicts they went
through to develop the company. It also provides an overview of the challenges and
opportunities of competing in the electric vehicle space; discusses Tesla’s strategies for
manufacturing, marketing, and distributing the cars; and points to key questions about
Tesla’s future.
Review the Tesla Case Study. Also, feel free to utilize information from the Tesla videos
found in Reading and Resources in this unit.
Using Porter’s Five Forces model:
• Describe in detail the challenges and opportunities of competing in the electric.
vehicle industry.
o You will need to create a section for each of the five forces when
answering the question in detail.
• Finally, describe Tesla’s strengths and weaknesses.
Please use this as one of your sources, the case study is in this book, if you have issues please let me know.
Hill, C., Jones, G., & Schilling, M. (2020). Strategic management theory: An integrated approach (13th ed). Cengage Learning.
Please see attached rubrics for further instructions

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