Find something out in the world beyond the course that you think counts as an example of philosophical content, or thinking, or a philosophical activity. It must be something that isn’t obviously connected to philosophy (e.g., a philosophy blog would obviously be connected to philosophy, or a newspaper column like The Stone from the New York Times, which is written by philosophers: .
There are many different options for this assignment, from novels to films to video games to TV shows to everyday activities. It’s up to you what you want to pick to talk about.
Describe the activity or artifact you have found, and give a link to it if it’s on the web.
Argue for why the activity or artifact counts as philosophical.
Do so by first defining what philosophy means to you, and referring to at least one philosopher we have discussed in class to show how this definition fits what they do. Give details about what the philosopher says or does to support your claim that this definition fits with their work, referring to specific things in the texts where relevant.

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