A social worker will use more than one theory to assist in conceptualizing the problem and intervention. Using resiliency theory alongside crisis theory, review and focus on thecrisis case study (case study attached). Then, submit a 2-page case write-up that addresses the following:
• Map the client’s crisis using the five stages of the crisis. The five stages of the crisis are (1) the hazardous event, (2) the vulnerable stage, (3) the precipitating factor, (4) the state of active crisis, and (5) the reintegration or crisis resolution phase.
• Describe the client’s assets and resources (in order to understand the client’s resilience).
• Describe how you, the social worker, will intervene to assist the client to reach the reintegration stage of the crisis. Be sure that the intervention promotes resiliency.
• Evaluate how using crisis theory and resiliency theory together help in working with a client.

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