For this assignment, you will choose ONE piece of public art for analysis. You will take three pictures of that piece of art so as to capture THREE distinct angles/lighting/perspectives of the piece. You will also include ONE selfie of yourself in front of the art piece (this is non-negotiable as it will prove you actually conducted the assignment correctly by physically visiting the location).
In three paragraphs you will answer the following:
Paragraph 1. Describe the formal elements IN DETAIL. Describe every minute detail of your chosen public art piece. What is it made out of? How big is it? What colors are used? What is the layout of the piece? Describe every person or character in the piece. What are they doing? Is there any text involved? What does it say? Who is the artist (if known)? Where is it located? How long has it been there? What historical information can be gathered about the piece? What is its history? How does perspective and angle change how the piece is viewed (refer to your photographs of the piece to elaborate your explanation).
Paragraph 2. What qualifies your chosen public art piece as art? Here you will defend the art-worthiness of your piece. What makes it “art?”
Paragraph 3. Does having this work of public art in public affect how it is interpreted/received by the viewer? Why? If so, how does it impact the viewer/audience? If not, why does it not matter? Explain your answer thoroughly.

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