Briefly restate who the client is, what the objective is, and what the planned intervention is.
Describe what source(s) you used as the basis of the specific intervention activities (for example, a treatment manual, an article, a website, a book, an agency protocol) and why you chose this source
Implementation and Monitoring
Maintain regular progress notes (typed) using the handout on the instructor’s website. Progress notes need to be completed at least once per week. Do not include any client identifying information in the notes. Attach the progress notes to the end of your paper
Based on the progress notes, describe whether the intervention as implemented deviated from the intervention plan (yes or no), and if so, why.
Based on the progress notes, describe the client’s progress over the course of treatment
Describe the measurement method (specific standardized scale or behavior/thought tracking method) used to evaluate client change. (3 points)
Provide the results of the client’s pretest and posttest. (2 points)
Was the client’s objective achieved? (yes or no). If no, what do you and the client think were the barriers to achieving it? (2 points)
Submit the completed client satisfaction questionnaire. Describe your reflections on the client’s responses. (4 points)
Describe what you learned in this course and how you do or do not see yourself using this material in your future practice. (3 points)

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