What is the common name of the organism?
For example: Human
What is the full scientific classification of the organism (Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species).
For example: Eukarya – Animalia – Chordata – Mammalia – Primates – Hominidae – Homo – Sapiens
Describe the organism’s morphological characteristics.
For example: Humans resemble other primate species in that they have two legs and two arms. They are generally 1 – 2 meters tall when they are adults and generally weigh 50 – 150 kilograms.
Describe the organism’s physiological characteristics.
In what environment(s) and ecosystem(s) can your organism be found?
What tier of the food chain does it occupy?
How does your organism interact with the other species around it and does it shares a special relation with any other species?
Find out more about this specific living thing- anything special about it. For example, is it endangered or thriving.

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