An appropriate title page and introductive section
Identification of the perpetrator, the crime committed, and how motive, intent, or opportunity (if applicable) were shown in the criminal trial (Refer to Unit 2: Corpus delecti, elements of offense and Units 5 & 6: Elements of crimes)
An explanation of the defense used during trial (Alibi, excuse, justification, or procedural defense) [refer to Units 3 & 4]. Were the defenses effective? Why or why not? If you were the defense attorney, what would you have done differently?
Describe the precedent(s) set in the Court’s decision. How did it affect future cases? Has the precedent been modified or does the precedent no longer hold? If you were a Supreme Court Justice in the case, how would you have ruled, and why? (See Unit 1 Stare Decisis and precedent).
A Reference Section in perfect APA format and style.

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