Everyone has his or her own system of getting the creative juices flowin’ that includes selecting a topic, gathering the information, organizing the material, and finding the right conditions under which to compose. What system works best for you?
Share with the class how you get your writing projects in gear. How do you decide what to write about? How do you choose a topic? What, if any, invention strategies do you use to get started? What means do you use to develop supporting ideas?
Describe your optimal writing conditions. For example, is there a time of day when you are more effective? Do you prefer working in isolation or in the company of others? Are you more productive composing at a keyboard or with pen and paper?
Sometimes we learn best from what does not work. Explain ineffective techniques that you might have used in the past. What have you done to improve your composing process, or what can be done to improve your composing process? Share one piece of advice or tip about the composing process with your classmates.

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