Elonzo’s Department Stores is a chain of about 50 retail stores, specializing in kitchen, bath, and other household items, including many decorative and fashionable items. Recently Elonzo’s decided to automate its gift registry to allow wedding and other event guests to be able to browse for items that were selected by the wedding couple or others.
Design a Web page that would allow customers to enter a zip code and find the nearest store.
Design a Web page for customers to browse gifts and order them online. Do not include the actual ordering forms, simply the products. What sort of options should be available for customers? Include buttons or links to change the sort sequence in your design.
Design a printed list that customers could request when they go to one of the stores. What sequences would be optimal for a customer trying to find items? Would all items requested by the wedding couple be included on the list? (Hint: some may have been purchased already.)

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