A 6-story (10 feet per story) rectangular commercial building with a footprint of 6000 ft2is being built by a developer on a previously developed 0.8acre siteon Long Island. The project is slated to cost $15 million.1)Answer the following about the building with regard to LEED scoring in the Energy and Atmosphere category (base the energy usage on the included CBECS data below):
a.Estimate the following values:(2pts.)•Total baseline energy usage•Reduction/generation in usage to earn 4points:ounder EACredit: Optimize Energy Performance, Option 1ousing on-site renewable energy generation ousing captured bio-methane from a nearby landfill
b.Based on at least three references (one for each bullet), discuss the feasibility of meeting the reduction/generation in usage outlined in part (a). (2 pts.)
c.Determine if a40-tonHVAC system can earn points under Option 2 of EACredit: Enhanced Refrigerant Management if the system uses HFC-410aas a refrigerant. (Assume 10 years of life, 150total lbof refrigerant used, and default values for all others.) If not, propose two ways to allow the HVAC system meet the requirement (may state thislast part; no calculations are necessary). (2pts.)
2)Address the ability of the project to earn 3points underOption 2 of MR Credit: Building Life Cycle Impact Reduction. Use one reference to addresshow it can be done for each of the 3 impact areas you select, and what the benefits in terms of the 3 E’s are. (4pts.)

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