Development in the middle years Education Essay

Development in the middle years Education Essay


Assignment 2 (39%)




Task:               Explain one physical, one cognitive and one social/emotional developmental characteristic commonly experienced by middle years’ students and outline how a middle years teacher might support their students to cope with each of the three developmental characteristics you have selected.

  1. When outlining your supportive methods be specific and avoid generalisations such as ‘provide a warm, inviting classroom environment’…or ‘engage in a 20 minute activity break’. These types of statements need to be supported by providing specific examples of how you would achieve this or what you will do. These supportive methods can be original concepts of your own or they might be drawn from resources or experts in the field.


Length:           1500 words + – 10% (Approximately 500 words per characteristic.)


I’d recommend 150-200 words explaining the characteristic and 300-350 words outlining supportive methods/strategies, for each characteristic.


Tip: You will find lots of helpful material within the week 5 section of our Study Desk site.




Students MUST embed the assignment Criteria sheet and Cover sheet within your assignment.

Students who fail to embed the Criteria sheet will receive very limited feedback.


Your response MUST include headings and sub-headings relating to the assignment components. Eg ‘Physical Characteristic’, ‘Strategies to support’, etc

Judicious use of tables and dot points is also accepted

Use evidence from a range of sources

Size 12 font, 1.5 spacing, minimum 2.5 cm margins

Include at least 6 references to support your ideas

Your response should be presented in a scholarly manner, demonstrating mature written expression and using appropriate referencing format (APA)



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