Differential diagnosis Essay

Differential diagnosis Essay
Case Study 2
Liz is a 79-year-old female with a history of aortic stenosis and hypertension. The patient underwent elective aortic valve replacement yesterday. This AM during rounds, the patient is sitting up in the chair. Vital signs: 99.4-54-20-85/50. Pa 29/13, CVP10. Urine output 20 ml/hr for the last 3 hours. Cardiac output 3.9, cardiac index 1.8. Patient’s preop ef was 50%. Labs are as follows:
• K 4.0 Normal
• Cr 1.5 Adult female 0.5-1.1 mg/dL
• BUN 42 8-21 mg/dL
• Decreased Output
• Hgb 9.8 Adult female11.7-15.5 g/dL
• Hct 29.1 Adult female 38-44%
• Plt 138 150-450 x 10^3/uL Thrombocytopenia
• Postoperative chest X-ray normal
• Slightly elevated temperature
• Bradycardia
• Hypotension
• Pa 29/13 Normal 20-30/8-12
• CVP 10 Normal 2-6
• Cardiac output 3.9 Normal 4-8 L/min
• Cardiac index 1.8 Normal 2.5-4.0
What is the diffenfential diagnosis. Please do not chose hypovolemia?
What treatment and management will this patient being on?
What patient education will you provide for your patient?
What is Norvasc used for? what are the side effects? What is the black box warning on Norvasc?
Please use resources that are less than five-year-old. Thank you. Differential diagnosis Essay

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