In Video 1, a San Francisco, California teacher fights to remove a violent student from her room putting her at risk of losing her job as a first-year teacher in the district. Video – Protest held in San Francisco against policy allowing violent kids to stay in class (ABC7 News)
In Video 2, the Superintendent of Arizona schools  Which right(s) may they be covered by if they are?proclaims the walkout protests by teachers of 2018 to be illegal.
VIDEO: Arizona school superintendent calls teacher walkout illegal
POSTED APR 23, 2018
Please discuss each case and what protections a teacher may have related to each issue. Are the teachers exercising their legal rights in a valid way? Which right(s) may they be covered by if they are?
Guided Responses: Choose two peers to respond to. In your response, please share your opinion of your peers’ response as well as your opinion on each video.

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