Here are the questions to answer for test corrections that I need to use his response feedback. ANSWER IN PARAGRAPH FORM
Discuss how each of the three Milankovitch factors can work together to cause an ice age.
Feedback – lower tilt leads to cooler summers, which limit the amount of ice melt.
Briefly define the Bowen Ratio. Then, discuss whether a desert location has a high or low Bowen Ratio, and explain why.
Feedback – deserts have a high bowen ratio
Select one natural factor that alters the surface radiation budget:
a) Briefly explain how it works
b) Describe how it influenced one historical temperature fluctuation (e.g., Little Ice Age)
Feedback – not specific to what we learned in class
– Sensible heating can be spoken about
Identify each component of the surface hydrology budget and mention their importance. Then, briefly discuss how these factors conspired to create the ‘Dust Bowl.’
Feedback – there are some details missing on soil moisture especially, and also the dust bowl discussion is not specific to what we discussed in class)

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