List all possible UTI bacteria used in this laboratory exercise. (5 points)
Discuss your Gram staining results; describe if your Gram staining results allowed you to eliminate any of the possible bacteria as your unknown. (10 points)
Describe the observations and results for lactose fermentation using MacConkey and EMB. Distinguish fermenters from non-fermenters. Based on your results, explain what bacteria can be excluded & included as your UT unknown. (20 points)
Discuss several tests that clearly allowed you to identify your unknown. Give reasons why certain organisms are excluded, and how you reached your specific decision on the identity of your unknown. Do not include a description of all the tests you performed. Include only the most relevant tests, how they allowed you to eliminate the remaining bacteria that were not previously excluded and determine the identity your unknown. (20 points)
State the unknown number and the identity of the unknown. (10 points)
Conclude your report with a summary statement. (5 points)

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