Question 1[40Marks]Discuss the ethical positions of the following cases using the RICS rules of conducts for members and firms 2007version 6.exploitation.
Case 1 -Mrs B a registered member of RICS was convicted and sentenced to3years’imprisonmentandwasrequiredtopaycompensationof£15,000fortrafficking a person into the UK for the purposes ofor on behalf of a client -Ms XB
Case2-Inanotherrelatedcase, the formalchargesinrelationtoMr AVareas follows:1.Hefailedtocarryouthisprofessionalwork with proper regard for the standards of service andcustomercareexpectedofhim•Hedidnotrespondinanappropriateortimely manner,oratall,to communications from•HedidnotprovideacopyoftheComplaintsHandlingPolicybelongingtotheFirm,whichhe operated, tohisclient: MsXB2.He failed to cooperate adequately with RICS in relation to the complaint raisedby MsXB
Case3-Theformalcharges againstanother firmallegethat:1.Itfailedtocarryoutitsprofessionalworkwithproper regardforthestandardsof serviceandcustomercareexpectedofit,•It did not respond in an appropriate or timely manner, or atall, to communications from or on behalf of a client –MrMC•ItdidnotprovideacopyoftheComplaintsHandlingPolicybelongingtotheFirm,whichheoperated,toMr MC orthoseinstructedbyMrMC.2.ItfailedtooperateaComplaintsHandling Procedure.3.Itfailedtocooperateadequately withRICSinrelationtothecomplaintraisedbyMrMC.
The scenarios below present possible situations that could arise in your professional life.You should consider your allocated scenario and, with reference to your personal valuesand the values and standards of any professional institutions (or other bodies) you thinkare appropriate, provideaconsidered response.
You are the professional employed by the client to produce the tender documentationforaprojectwhichis being procured using the traditional procurement route on a lump sum basis.You:•havecompiledthetender documentation;•havesentthetender documentstoseveralcompeting tenderersforpricing;•havereceivedtender pricesbackfromthetenderersandhavereviewedthemfor any mistakes,errors or qualifications made by atenderer; and•haveadvisedthe clienttoawardthecontracttothecheapesttenderer.The client has acted on your advice and has formed a contract to construct the workswith the recommended tenderer. This tenderer has been appointed as the contractorandtheirtenderpricehas beenadoptedasthe contractsum.During the two-week tender period given to the tenderers to prepare their prices, notenderersraisedanyqueriesregardingthecontentsofthetenderdocuments(namelythedrawings,specifications, andbills ofquantities).Work on site has been under way for some time. When preparing the next month’sinterim valuation, you have discovered that the quantity of blockwork in the bill ofquantities that you prepared is wrong by some considerable margin. Changing thisquantitytothecorrectamountwilladd£20,000tothecontractsum.Alltheblockworkonsiteis complete.Other thanyou,noone appears tohave noticedyour mistake.Whatwouldyoudointhissituationandwhywouldyoudoit?
Question 3 –[20Marks]Provide an overview of how construction professional ethical standards areassociatedwiththe RICS globalprofessionalandethicalstandard

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