In this assignment, try to note the role of music, architecture, interior design, ritual, words etc. and the role taken by a religious professional (priest, minister, imman, Rabbi, etc.) and by the people (shaking hands & greeting one another at a specific point in the liturgy, kneeling, sign of the cross, kneeling & bowing on prayer mats, making circuits of stupas and so on). These are all the outward manifestations of inward beliefs.
You must provide historical context:  how, when why did this particular religion come to present worship in this fashion.
going to a cyber worship service… here are some guidelines for considering your experience for the essay:
1.  Assess accuracy – that is, who produced it, do they say why [propaganda, curiosity, teaching, spreading the faith… ] is it a typical service? – you would need to do a bit of research here
2.  How does it affect you, a non-follower of this group? – is it interesting, boring, annoying, useful for understanding [here you would have to do some research to have an objective understanding of standard worship in this religion]
3. How does it compare to any worship services you have ever attended yourself – only in the sense of describing the different impact of being there physically as opposed to being there in cyber space
4. Some conclusions on the possible future of worship in this fashion…. what are your thoughts on how it affects humanity and would it satisfy a human longing for worship?

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