Page 1
What problems are you having locating sources for this topic? Is the wording of an article hard to comprehend? What sites have you found helpful? Please locate at least two scholarly sources for your project and describe the information you found in these sources that you intend to use for your presentation.
Page 2
Based on your research, what conclusions have you been able to draw related to your topic (Telehealth)? Please describe your final presentation topic and the conclusions you have drawn from the literature you have researched. Are practice changes recommended for your current practice (Home Health Nursing)? Why or why not?
Page 3
Considering your selected topic (Telehealth), what healthcare teams would be essential to help support your new project implementation? How would each identified team help support the integration and outcomes you plan to achieve? Consider aspects related to communication, collaboration and professional organizations for best practices in healthcare informatics.
Page 4
Discuss what training programs are needed for the technology required for your topic (Barriers to Telehealth). Consider what training to provide to new employees and what on-going training may be necessary.

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