Outline and discuss the reasons why you were unable to attain the PPR module pass mark the first time round. Which aspects of the module did you find challenging? On reflection, what could you have donedifferently to make sure thatyou achieved the module learning outcomes?
a.Your reflective discussion should fully demonstrate how the PPR learning experience has been applied to your own understandingand learning.
b.You need to document what lessons have been learnt as a result of your engagement and personal reflection.
c.You are expected to specifically address all aspectsof the module learningoutcomes, including the coursework assessments.d.How do you intend to use the summative feedback given to you in the next semester?e.To help you develop and write your reflection, use the Gibb’s reflectivemodel ):
●Description: what happened?
●Feelings: what were you thinking and feeling?
●Evaluation: what was good and bad about the experience?What went well and what difficulties did you encounter?
●Analysis: what sense did you make of the challenging situations you faced?
●Conclusion: what else could you have done?●Action plan: how would you apply this learning infuture study oremployment?
2.Critical evaluation a debatable statement (15 Marks-maximum of 450 words):
Choose oneof the following statements and criticallyevaluate it. Use relevant sources to build and justify your arguments. You mustcite your references.
1.Critically discuss the benefits of mastering the art of literature review which includes: critiquing, debating, paraphrasing, reflecting,citation, and referencing at higher education level.
2.Discuss why it is essential for a level 4 student to develop critical thinking skills, team working skills, and oral presentation skills? You must discuss each skill mentioned separately.2
3.Do you agree that“a large number of students failtheir modules (or courses)because they lack study and learning skills? Moreoften than not, they don’teven realise it.” – argue for or against this statement.
3.Produce a written research essay paper (50 Marks -maximum of 1000 words):You are to research and evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of learning and collaborating with peers online at higher education.Your essay paper must not exceed 1000 words. You must supply at least five credible sourceswhere you got your information from.Students who onlyreference web blogs will score a low mark. Therefore,it is in your interest to findgood journal articles and critically review and discussthem in your report. Yourreport must be written in your own words.Start by using the LSBU Library Search engine to lookfor academic/useful articles.Guidance on how to use Library resources can be foundwhen you click on this weblink: -https://vle.lsbu.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=21369).4.Review of team working and project tools (15 Marks-maximum of 450 words):This section focuses mainlyon the coursework 1 teamwork. You are expected tocritically review the success of working withprojecttools and techniques.
1.Compare and contrast project planning tools with productdevelopment tools.
2.Discuss the value of creating and maintaining a personale-study logbookthroughout your undergraduate programme.
3.Describe how the LSBU library services could supportstudents workingtogether on a group projec

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