You have broad discretion/freedom in your analysis of each lecture. It is vitally important that you cite / quote specific statements that the speaker makes when writing your critique. Each lecture provides a “Transcript” underneath the video, thus allowing you to further analyze the talk. You may use personal examples and thus “I” in your critiques. Talks may be viewed on most electronic devices by going to and searching by the talk title or speaker’s name.
“3 Types of Bias That Shape Your Worldview” – J. Marshall Shephard
TED TALK (2018)
Dr. J. Marshall Shepherd was the 2013 President of American Meteorological Society (AMS), the nation’s largest and oldest professional/science society in the atmospheric and related sciences. He serves as Director of the University of Georgia’s (UGA) Atmospheric Sciences Program and Full Professor in the Department of Geography where he is Associate Department Head.
After viewing Dr. Marshall Shepherd’s talk, discuss how Confirmation Bias, Dunning –Kruger Effect & Cognitive Dissonance can each shape/effect our world view. Cite specific text from the talk. Please feel free to share personal experiences with any or all 3 concepts. Keep in mind that Dr. Shepherds talk is not a talk on the existence or not of global warming but rather how bias can shape our views overall regarding almost any topic.
“How to Disagree Productively and Find Common Ground” – Julia Dhan
TED Talk (2018)
Julia Dhar won the World Schools Debate Championships three times, coached the New Zealand Schools’ debating team to their first world debate championship win in 14 years and coached the Harvard University debate team to two world championships. Dhar co-founded and leads BeSmart, Boston Consulting Group’s Behavioral Economics and Insights initiative. She works globally to build organizations and societies that are more inclusive, generous and productive. Her book, The Decision Maker’s Playbook: 12 Tactics for Thinking Clearly, Navigating Uncertainty, and Making Smarter Choices (with Simon Mueller), was published by the Financial Times in 2019.
Discuss your takeaways from Julia Dhan’s lecture and be sure to cite specific text from her talk.

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