Discussion:Advancements in Medical Technology
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Discussion:Advancements in Medical Technology
As the lecture discusses, advancements in medical technology, procedures, and practices has created a new meaning of death. With these changes in medicine, death and dying has also been modified according to scientific and sociological meaning (GCU. 2015). Modern futility has evolved over the years in response to the changes of medicine. In years gone by, the belief was to engage in “the complete removal of the distress of the sick, the alleviation of the more violent diseases and the refusal to undertake to cure cases in which the disease has already won the mastery, knowing that everything is not possible to medicine” (Delisser and DeLisser. 2009). Debates in healthcare have continued to morph and adapt to the recent changes in medical treatment. However, at what point do these changes and so-called advancements then defeat the plan created by God? In terms of suicide and euthanasia, we are changing these paths and disobeying His ways. Meilaenders writing discusses a case of assisted suicide of an elderly woman, which in turn resulted in manslaughter charges upon her husband for the continued acts beyond what she intended to ensure her death. This case aligns with similar rationale and purpose of numerous other medical cases around the world where a critically ill patient has chosen to end their suffering through the use of lethal doses of medication. Though as the discussion ensues, he notes that all who perform suicide or euthanasia have sinned against God. As healthcare workers, our mission is to reduce suffering and ease pain, but is not our decision to end a life.
Discussion:Advancements in Medical Technology
Discussion:Advancements in Medical Technology
My personal opinion aligns with the above lectures and writings. The act of suicide is identified as some to be cowardly, selfish, and rebellious. These individuals are seen as taking the easy way out of life, only to leave behind greater suffering to one’s family and friends. I have had my share of difficult days, but fortunately not the extreme of wanting to end my life. However, I am indeed aware that countless people in the world feel pain and emotional distress which has often led them to this contemplation. For them, I feel great sadness at hope that they are able to find strength through faith and opening up their hearts to God for his healing hands. Overall, I do agree that these acts of suicide and euthanasia are sins against God.
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